Outdoor Adventure Consultancy - Mountaineering+Canoeing+Skiing : Qualified Guiding+Consultancy
Outdoor Education activity for groups: Mountain walkingGROUP INSTRUCTION AND COURSES
  • Does your guide or scout group; school group or company need qualified activity instruction for their away day or expedition?
  • Perfect for DofE exped
  • Choose your activity from Mountaineering, Walking, Mountain Biking, Scrambling, Gorge walking (Canyoning), Rock climbing, Ice Climbing, Skiing (including ski mountaineering), Open Canoeing (Canadian Canoeing), Inland Kayaking, Sea Kayaking, or Surf Kayaking.
  • Can take place in Snowdonia, North Wales; or in other areas of Britain (or world wide for activity expeditions)
Contact us for the above or for bespoke national courses run for Governing bodies in the various activities
ML: Mountain Leader Training and Assessment
Winter ML: Winter Mountain Leader Training
WGL: Walking Group Leader  Training and Assessment                          Concentrated navigation instruction
SPA: Single Pitch Award (climbing instruction) Training and Assessment
British Canoe Union (BCU)/ Canoe Wales Level 1 and Level 2 for kayak and canoe
Foundation Safety and Rescue Training Course (FSRT)  One day
1-5 Star Inland Kayak and Open Canoe test, training and assessment
1-4 Star Surf Kayak and Sea Kayak test, training and assessment
gorge walking, canyoning activity in Snowdonia, Wales
                                                                    Gorge Walking (Canyoning) in WalesGroup kayak instruction
Kayaking on the River Drance, France

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