Outdoor Adventure Consultancy - Mountaineering+Canoeing+Skiing : Qualified Guiding+Consultancy
Guided Personal activity days ( or more!)
  • Choose your activity from Mountaineering, Walking, Mountain Biking, Scrambling, Gorge walking (Canyoning), Rock climbing, Ice Climbing, Skiing (including ski mountaineering),  Open Canoeing (Canadian Canoeing), Inland Kayaking, Sea Kayaking, or Surf Kayaking. 

  • Choose where you want to take part in your chosen activity.Usually this will be in Snowdonia, but to take advantage of the best conditions we can run the activity at the most appropriate venue............and this could be in the Lakes, Scotland or the Alps!

  • Decide on the focus of your activity: it might be a birthday treat, a day's introduction to the activity to decide whether you like it. It might an introduction within the sport: you maybe a kayaker wanting to go sea kayaking in one of the stunning venues in North Wales ( Menai Straits, Bardsey, Skerries, South Stack, Tudwals. Or a rock climber wanting an intro to ice climbing (see the the blog, and the North Wales Winter Climbing Guidebook)

  • You might want an introduction to a new venue:  one of the classic estuaries in Snowdonia, one of the lesser known rivers, one of the big cliffs of the Arans with time saving walk-ins, one of the lesser known gorge-scrambles of North Wales

  • You might want a coaching focus: sharper breakouts on the fast moving water of the Tryweryn; gear placement using double ropes on Cloggy or Gogarth

  • Or you might want an overnight or multi day expedition. A canoe trip down the Dee or Severn; or a walk in and camp below one of Snowdonia's classic cliffs

  • Contact us and explore any ideas you may have, we have made many of them a reality over the years!

Sea Kayak personal guiding
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